Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

May Court of Honor Photos (Part 1)

Our MCs for the evening.

Mr. Carelli accepting his Thank You Certificate from the Archdiocese.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Congratulations Alastair!

Alastair has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.  Congratulations!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goshen - The Year That Wasn't

Late Friday night, June 29th a land hurricane or derecho ripped through Goshen Scout Camp and the Washington DC area.

The storm left most of us without power in our homes (and it would be for several days) in the very high heat of the summer (most days over 90 degrees).  

Although power was knocked out, many of us arrived at the Goshen bus loading area Saturday morning, only to find out that the storm knocked out power to Goshen Scout Camp.  No power means no refrigeration and no water (it needs to be pumped into camp).

The leaders met on Sunday morning in the Kennedy Room to discuss the various plans.  One option, was to go to Goshen another week but since we did not have any adults (or parents) 

One leader was with power, and came up with a plan to go to head to Shenandoah National Park.  The Lenhoksin Crew would do the AT and the Bowman Troop would do camp at Big Meadow.  

On Monday, July 2nd we met with the parents to review the plan and gave them the option of going to Shenandoah or not.  Most opted to go with one Scout shifting from the Bowman troop to Lenhoksin (he would have to drop out about a third of the way due to a physical issue).

We left on Tuesday, July 3rd for Shenandoah - Big Meadow Campground.  Shortly after we set up our tents and one dining fly, the sky opened up and the rain came down, cooling the place.   Deer have no problem roaming through the campsite

On Wednesday, July 4th, we took a hike  along the Dark Hallows Falls Trail and Rose River Trail.  We encountered two black bears: one crossed the road as we drove to the trail head, and the other (probably one year old or so) along the trail.  For many, this was the longest hike they have taken in a while, and some realized that they were not prepared for this.

Friday, July 6th saw us off once again on another hike, but a bit shorter.  As our Scouts were hiking along the trail to Hawksbill Mountain, a rattle snake crossed the trail ahead of them and coiled up at the edge of the trail.  We made a bit of a detour around him/her and reminded everyone of (1) to always look ahead and not just right in front of you and (2) to keep in mind the old adage "All snakes are poisonous."  Now, I know that all snakes are not poisonous but if you are not able to identify one from another, it is best to steer clear.

Saturday, July 7th -- Return Home.