Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boy Scouts of America Centennial Parade and Troop 466

The date is July 25, 2010, and the event is coming up soon. You wouldn't want to miss this once every 100 years anniversary of Boys Scouts of America, celebrated right in our back yard!

Following is the excerpt from our National Capital Area Council website:

"The Grand Centennial Parade commemorates the founding in 1910 of the Boy Scouts of America in the city of Washington, DC. Every parade has marchers who demonstrate their bearing and skills in front of the honored guests who have been selected to review the parade. Our parade marchers will include military organizations and bands, the Washington Metropolitan Police,National Park Service Rangers, and thousands of Cubs, Webelos, Boy Scouts,Venturers, Sea Scouts and Explorers. How fitting that they will be reviewed by our honored guests-- National Capital Area packs, troops, teams, crews,ships, and posts.

"Important information that you need to know:

  • The parade will be 10A-5P on Sunday, 7/25/2010 on Constitution Ave. in Washington, DC.
    We will do divisional support, i.e., float riders or walkers, banner bearers, flags, ... The Council will provide everything we need.
  • The Council requires a nonrefundable fee of $20 per person (same for adults and scouts). Troop 466 will reimburse 50% of both the fee and Metrorail cost after your attendance.
  • Please let Mr. Phan know if you are interested in attending and please pay by check or cash by April 18th. But you don't want to wait too long since the sooner we book the better chance that we'll get what we prefer. I will apply as soon as we have 2 adults and 10 scouts apply for and to secure our place in the parade. Note that after our initial application I still can add more participants until 6/11.
  • Transportation: We will park and meet together at the Forest Glen Metro Station possibly around 8:30-9:00AM (It's free parking on Sundays). Troop 466 will purchase fare cards for you at that time. .
  • Food and drink: Bring your own food, drink and snacks. We'll be discussing what to bring and how much as well as what to wear, especially for the new and younger scouts, in our Monday meetings.
  • Parents, siblings and relatives are invited to come to cheer your sons, brothers, and nephews! Bring your cameras and video cameras to capture the celebration!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Year: 1968 (continued)

On March 14, 1968, the Troop received a Thank You note from Sr. M. Donelda, IHM. The contents dealt with the generous donation of the Troop to the new Science Lab. The penmanship on this letter was perfect!

Also, the Archives show that a Halloween Party took place. We have an inventory of what was purchased: 8 dozen cans of soft drinks, cakes, nuts, cookies and 2 gallons of cider. All for the price of $14.85.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Year: 1968 (continued)

In 1968, our Scouts attended the following schools: St. John the Evangelist, Sligo Jr. Middle, Forest Grove, Oakland Terrace, Glen Haven and McKenney Hills.

In May of that year, we participated in the Scout Show. We had Booth #104 but there is no record of our exhibit. Do you remember what our exhibit was?

Our bank account was with Suburban Trust Co.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Year: 1968

In 1968, there were 71 Scouts registered.

At the time, there is only one Eagle (Patrick O'Connell) and two Life Scouts (Edward Combs and Donald Oakley).

The Scoutmaster was John Creeden. The Asst. Scoutmasters were Hyland Bizot, Jack Jardeleza, D. Klinglesmith and William Lester. The Committee Chair was Donald Atwell.

The Scout Patrols: Beaver (John Walter - PL), Eagle (Philip Giza), Panther (Edward Kuzas - PL) and Raven (Paul Bizot).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boy Scout Leader Training in Montgomery District

Boy Scout Leader Specific Training: March 20 April 7,14 & 21 (3 Wednesday nights)

All fliers and registration forms are posted on the Montgomery District Training web page at

NCAC Training, Maryland North, Web page at



Registration Deadline 3/16/2010 but don't wait

INFORMATION: Dominick Caridi: / 703-360-9206 / 703-625-4196

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Open Year - Goshen Scout Camp 1967

Well, it seems that Troop 466 spent a week at Goshen Scout Camp's Opening Year.

Each Scout received a special Goshen Charter Camper Medal.

Did you attend? Do you still have the medal?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Meeting, Monday March 8th

Policy on Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

Although taken from information regarding the Jamboree, this is just as relevant for any BSA gathering.


Whenever a member of the Boy Scouts of America appears before the public, especially in uniform, that member is literally on parade before the people of America. This will be especially true while young people and their leaders are headed for the Jamboree, at the Jamboree, or returning home. All of us must make sure that the conduct of each youth and adult is above reproach. This places a great responsibility on all leaders-youth and adults alike.

The use of tobacco and alcohol products by any individual under the age of 18 is illegal and will not be tolerated.

The Boy Scouts of America prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America, or at any activity involving participation of youth members.

This policy on smoking, alcohol, and drugs is printed here to clarify any variations and supersedes all earlier jamboree publications on the subject.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Catholic Retreat 1967

Troop 466 participated in the Catholic Retreat from April 21 -23, 1967. Fr. Mordino, stationed at St. John's, was the County Chaplain for Scouts and there were apx. 250 Scouts in attendance.

The troop came in 2nd Place for the Shrine Competition. Can any of our readers shed a little light on this?

We also have a letter from a Walter P. Kennedy, a member of Congress, who seems to be have been involved in this event as a Scout leader.

Does anyone know anything else about this event? Do you have any memories of it?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Year: 1967

In January of 1967, there were 67 Scouts at the time of charter renewal. There was one Eagle Scout listed: Patrick O'Connel (Everest St.).

Dues were $.75 per month. At the end of the year, a gift was given to the Scoutmaster at a cost of $6.68.

The scouts came from the following schools: Forest Grove, McKenney Hills, Forest Knolls, Glen Haven, Montgomery Hills and, of course, St. John the Evangelst.

Were you a part of the troop at that time? Would you care to share a memory from that year?