Sunday, March 7, 2010

Policy on Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

Although taken from information regarding the Jamboree, this is just as relevant for any BSA gathering.


Whenever a member of the Boy Scouts of America appears before the public, especially in uniform, that member is literally on parade before the people of America. This will be especially true while young people and their leaders are headed for the Jamboree, at the Jamboree, or returning home. All of us must make sure that the conduct of each youth and adult is above reproach. This places a great responsibility on all leaders-youth and adults alike.

The use of tobacco and alcohol products by any individual under the age of 18 is illegal and will not be tolerated.

The Boy Scouts of America prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America, or at any activity involving participation of youth members.

This policy on smoking, alcohol, and drugs is printed here to clarify any variations and supersedes all earlier jamboree publications on the subject.

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