Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Minutes of the Troop Meeting - Feb. 2, 2014

During the Boy Scout meeting on February 3, 2014, the Scouts finished up their patrol name and yell. After that, they worked on advancement. Scouts, remember to continue to work on your next rank and make sure to tell your patrol leader of any merit badges you want completed. Also, think about any camp outs or hikes you would like to go on.
Matt J.
Troop Scribe
Message from our Scoutmaster...
As a follow up to Matt's notes form the last meeting, specifically we will continue to work with the newer Scouts on the use of a map and compass. This may also provide older Scouts that need to use the EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable) method to help the newer Scouts with map and compass skills. All Scouts should have a compass as a part of their day pack equipment. If you do not have a compass, I recommend a Silva 1-2-3 or similar Suunto compass. These have clear, rectangular plastic bases that are perfect for laying over a map (and still be able to read the map) and only cost around $10. They are available at Ranger Surplus and the Scout Store (Marriott Service Center). Similar compasses may also be available at Target or Walmart. I would like to plan a 5-mile hike this Saturday (2/15/14) at the Hashawa permanent orienteering course in Carroll County, MD. In order to do this I will need at least one other adult leader to participate in the hike. I will bring a copy of the orienteering map to tonight's meeting and explain how we will use it. The hike will not only help with our map/compass skills, but will also assist in our preparation for the BTOW.
Regarding camp outs, the following is a tentative schedule:
  • March 1-2, 2014: Marsden Tract and Goldmine Loop at Great Falls.
  •  March 29 - 30, 2014: Orienteering Competition at Little Bennett Regional Park
  • Late April, 2014: Harpers Ferry, WV
  • May 2014: Signal Knob, VA
We will also need to work in some day hikes on the weekends.
Other schedule planning needs are a Spring Court of Honor and Bridging Ceremony for Webelos II from Pack 466. These can be combined into one event.

Tom Rogers

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Paul C's Eagle Court of Honor (Part 1)

A couple of photos from before the start of the Court of Honor..

Paul, his mom, and the featured speaker.

A couple of Troop 466 Eagles:  Alaistar, Nate and Beans.

Dr. Dan, Mr. Carelli and Mr. Scutt aka "The Ancient One"