Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Year: 1963

The number of Scouts at the time of registration increased to 62.

Registration cost each Scout thrity-five (35) cents. Boy's Life was $1.35 for the year.

There were still a number of Eagle Scouts listed at this time:

  • Donald Atwell (age 15)
  • Norman Bishop (age 14) of Seminary Rd.
  • Stephen Cole (age 15) of Brisbane St.
  • Michael Dyer (age 15) of Bucknell Dr.
  • Joseph Mescher (age 15) of Gardiner
  • Joseph Nevin (age 15) of Georgia Ave.
A number of patrols were listed: Ranger, Flaming Arrows, Panther, Apache and Jellyfish(?).

Although most of the Scouts attended St. John the Evangelist for both school and church, Scouts did come from other schools: Oakland Terrace, Glen Haven, St. Andrew's, Sligo Jr. High School and Holy Redeemer.

The Scoutmaster was Gilbert Cole, Jr.

Do you know the whereabouts of any of these Scouts or Leaders? We would love to hear from them. Please share this blog with them.

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