Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Tree Sales 1965

The earliest records in the Troop Archives dealing with the annual tree sale are from the year 1965.
In that year, we purchased our trees from Cooperative Wholesalers. They were located at 2514 24th St., NE, Washington DC 20018.

The order, consisted 100 White Pines, 300 Scotch Pines, 24 wreaths and 30 bundles of Canadian Balsam. All this for a grand total of $950. (Note that there were no Frasier or Douglas trees sold...guess they were not popular at the time. And, we no longer sell Scotch Pines.)

However, it seems that the troop was unhappy with the trees purchased.

A letter on January 4, 1966 was sent to Cooperative Wholesalers stating that the Balsam trees were "extremely skimpy." The Scotch Pines were smaller than average, while the mistletoe was dried out, discolored and not sell able. Wreaths were not delivered.

The troop estimated a loss of $1225 in sales.

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