Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yellowstone Diary

The troop committee wisely voted to mandate showers on Thursday morning and provided live demonstrations in how to use a coin-operated washing machine. We spent the bulk of the day cleaning and packing up the campsite to afford an on-time departure this morning. Last night's dinner featured a big pot of rice 'n bison with an Indian twist (turmeric and onions) whipped up by Mr. Sharma, and cream of chicken with mushroom soup carefully crafted by Backwoods Dr. Weston.

Our closing campfire on Thursday night featured the inaugural Troop 466 Limerick and Hyku Contest (winning entries will be coming to a website near you, soon). We downed boxes of Little Debbie's, HiJos, and pudding cups, not to mention homemade S'mores. We rounded off the evening with a couple of gifts for Scoutmaster Barone, highlights of the trip, a few more Mr. Scutt stories, and authentic Romney's Mint Bars (just like the ones that accompanied Edward Hillary on the first successful scaling of Mt. Everest), lovingly transported by Alistar and John Hicklin from Wales last April.

After a few Pop Tarts and oatmeal this morning, we loaded up the Whale (our Sprinter Van), took a final group photo (courtesy of Incognito Studios), and hit the road around 10:00 AM. It is now 4:00 PM and we are pressing in on Bear Lake, Idaho. We will bunk at a Marriott Courtyard near Salt Lake City tonight and fly back via Denver tomorrow. The scouts will fill you in on more details of THE Big Trip Out West after landing around 10:00 PM tomorrow at National Airport.

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