Monday, July 27, 2009

Ohiopyle Update

The troop arrived at Group Campsite 228 at apx. 4pm last Saturday night.

One thing that I once again learned, only use the GPS when you have no maps and are totally lost, since it detoured us and we lost about 20 minutes of travel time. Never again!!! I will only rely on my map reading skills from now on.

No later than we set-up tents and the large dining fly, it began to rain (very typical). Al tough it did not pour too heavy, it did rain on and off throughout the night.

Mr. Incognito and I went over to visit the Scout Troop from Ohio next to us. Part of it was to be friendly and part was to check out their trailer. Since we are looking to obtain one, they gave us some excellent ideas about keeping it safe from theft: a wheel boot, hitch locks, and our name on the side.

About 9pm or so, people began to arrive in the site on the other side of us. Tents went up, lots of loud noises, etc., even though it was past quiet time. The ranger even paid them a visit. At first we thought it was a Girl Scout troop but it was a Church group from Virginia (learned that in the morning).

About 10pm or so, everyone was ushered into their tents -- well, at least the leaders headed off to bed. The boys went into Bean's tent to play cards for a little while longer. Something about a rat butt...I don't know.

The next morning, the groups got up before us (about 7am) and began to break camp. During our breakfast preparations, we learned that Christopher could not sleep due to the noise coming from the other site the night before. So, he got up, and went over and asked them to please be quiet, since there are people trying to sleep. Nate tells us that the noise did die down.

Breakfast consisted of eggs, sausage, bread, juice and some very strong coffee. There was plenty of food for all. We also learned how Bean's got his name. Ask him sometime.

Shortly afterwards, we had a Sunday morning service lead by our Chaplains Aide with readings by Mr. Incognito and Nate Incognito.

I left for home about 10:45am with the group heading out for the natural water slides.

Boy, am I sorry I am still not there.

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