Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Leader Training will now be Required in 2010

From the Montgomery District Update (Aug. 2009):

Selected councils will pilot required training for all direct contact leaders in 2010. Plans are in development to require training for all direct contact leaders in 2011. Montgomery District needs your help in preparing to make training more readily available and to help expand our training teams. If you have an interest in helping train our leaders to insure a QUALITY PROGRAM at the unit levels, please contact John Dillon @ or Mary Lou Gunderson at

NATIONAL BSA TRAINING WEBSITE: The National BSA training website at has been redesigned and is much more user friendly. To get to training information, click on volunteer, then training, and you will see the new and improved training resource page. You can also go directly to the on-line learning center at

REPLACEMENT FOR NEW LEADERS ESSENTIALS: "This is Scouting" is now up and running on the Online Learning Center It is a 6 module training course that can be completed in about an hour. It replaces New Leader Essentials (NLE). New Leader Essentials has now been discontinued. References to NLE as a prerequisite to being a TRAINED leader should substitute "This is Scouting" as the new prerequisite.

NEW SUPPLEMENTAL ONLINE TRAINING COURSES: New supplemental training courses available now online include Interfaith Worship, Bullying, Leave No Trace and Disc Golf. They join Hazardous Weather, Youth Protection Training, Venturing Youth Protection Training, Fast Start Courses for nearly every unit leadership position, and more. Both Trek Safely (S76) and Climb on Safely (S74) are available for Scouter's to complete there, too. Both of these courses and the two Youth Protection courses have a two year shelf life. And even better, more new courses are in development. Check back often at

PROGRAM FEATURES AND PROGRAM RESOURCES: Troop and Varsity Scout Program Features and Troop/Team Program Resources are all available through the web page and can be viewed and down loaded.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT HAZARDOUS WEATHER TRAINING AND TOUR PERMITS: Hazardous Weather training is on the Online Learning Center at As of 1-1-09 it is required to be completed by at least one person in a unit for the unit to receive a tour permit. SCOUTPARENTS PROGRAM UPDATE: Scout Parent Unit Coordinator Fast Start is now on the Online Learning Center at For each unit to participate in the Scoutparents program they must designate a Scout Parent Unit Coordinator who will coordinate parent involvement in unit activities.

YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING, BALOO AND TOUR PERMITS: As of 1-1-09, all tour permits also require at least one person have completed Youth Protection Training (or Venturing YPT) within the past 2 years. BALOO is an additional requirement for issuance of a tour permit for a Cub Scout Pack camping event. Whereas Youth Protection Training must be renewed every 2 years, BALOO does not have a 2 year shelf life (it's for life until they tell us different!!@#!!).

ONE OF THE BEST TRAINING RESOURCES FOR ALL BOY SCOUT LEADERS HAS BEEN UPDATED: The centennial edition (12th) of the Boy Scout Handbook is now available. It features a mixture of parts of many of the early hand books with a 21st century flair. The handbook features chapters on Leadership and Leave No Trace, which both are firsts. There will be a supplemental 100 year timeline book with the first printing and a mini-book with the rank requirements that is pocket size. A website will provide in-depth information on many subjects.

TRAINING RECERTIFICATIONS: Training courses that require people to be re-certified include BSA Lifeguard (3 years), Paddle Craft Safely (3 years) Swimming and Water Rescue (3 years) Climb on Safely (2 years) Trek Safely (2 years) Safe Swim Defense (2 years) Safety Afloat (2 years) Camp Visitation (2 years) Chain Saw Safety (2 years) National Camp School (5 camping seasons) Youth Protection Trainings/Venture Leader Youth Protection Training (2 years).

You should note that I have taken some of the on-line learning modules. They are not difficult and most importantly, you do learn. It is my opinion that one of the better ones is the Hazardous Weather. Even Mrs. Barone learned a couple of things.

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