Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Boy Scout Handbook Available

There is a new Boy Scout Handbook (12th edition) that the scout shop put out on the shelves this week. It has the new requirements in them including reference to the new 2009 eagle project workbook by the correct number.

"The 12th edition of the BSA Handbook has been completely redesigned. New features include bubble tags that alert readers where they can go to the internet to find additional information about certain subjects. Updated graphics and a whole new look make this edition the perfect companion for Scouting's 100th Anniversary celebration."

Visit your NCAC Scout Shops in Bethesda, MD or Springfield, VA or on line at

PLEASE NOTE: The current version you have is fine. You do not have to go out and purchase the new one unless the one you have is in very bad shape. You can easily download any changes from the web and include them in the book you have. If you do decide to purchase a new one, do not throw out the old you. You need to keep the advancement records in it.

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