Sunday, October 4, 2009

Camp Bowman - Goshen Scout Camp 2009 (Set 7)

So, one of the questions that is periodically asked: What do the leaders do when the boys at at activites? Well, I can tell you that we don't sleep.

Each day there is a meeting of the leaders and key staff on issues in camp: food, the campfire, food, merit badges, food, trash, food, etc. You get the picture. Here we have some scenes from one of those meetings.

Although the meetings were pretty bland, the key thing was that there was COFFEE!!! Yes, it was not from Kenya, Peru or even Vietnam, but it was drinkable. And, no, it could strip the paint off a wooden door -- only bare metal, since it burned a hole right thru the door.

As you can tell, one leader does not seem happy that the coffee was not made one morning when he arrived for the meeting and he had to make it himself.

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