Friday, October 30, 2009

Troop 466 in the Big Apple

Sunday morning saw us head uptown by subway to St. Mark's Church on 2nd Ave. and 10th St. On our way up, we learned the difference between the IRT, BMT and IND Lines.

We headed down to the Village and made a VERY long pit stop at the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. From there, we headed under the Washington SQ Park Arch, thru the Village, into SoHo, and ventured thru Little Italy. (Did someone say CANNOLI?)

After a brief rest at Columbus Park in Chinatown, we quickly hiked thru Foley Square, City Hall, Ground Zero, and Wall St.

We jumped on the next Ferry and off to Camp Pouch. There we were met by the Schiavone brother's. They had hot dogs, burgers, cole slaw and other goodies waiting for us. We ran thru over almost 40 burgers, at least 24 hot dogs, chips, cookies, etc.

Before heading off to sleep, we told stories and jokes around the campfire.

Note: All photos used with permission and are copyrighted. For a complete set of photos, please visit Mr. Incognito's Smugmug page.

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