Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Training For Scout Leaders - Montgomery District

For Scoutmasters: Boy Scout Leader Position Specific Training for Scoutmasters & Asst. Scoutmasters - October 9th, November 7th or 14th (a Sunday course for Saturday observant faiths - waiting on date confirmation) and December 4th.For

For all positions (even including Sea Scout Skippers): Fast Start for their particular position, This Is Scouting, and Youth Protection Training/Venturing Leader Youth Protection Training are all on-line at the training center.

For Scoutmasters, Venturing Crew Advisors (with outdoor programs) and Varsity coaches: Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) must be taken; we areoffering it "in District" (although up near Harper's Ferry) on the weekend of October 23-24. Many adjoining districts continue to hold this course through mid-December for those who end up in the later course offerings. There is a Sunday observant session (Friday/Saturday) in Northern Virginia in October, too.

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