Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Bennett Campout – Oct 2012 (part 1)

Our first campout of the Scouting year was to Little Bennett Regional Park near Clarksburg, MD. This park is heavily used by Scout Troops.

On Saturday, Oct. 20th we arrived at Little Bennett at 10:30am and were told that check in would not be until 1pm. Therefore, we decided to hike around the park.  We used the trail map pictured below (a detailed pdf of this map is available here.)  The four mile hike we took is mapped in red.

We parked at the Hawk’s Reach Activity Center at approximately 11am, and proceeded around Loop E. From there, we picked up the Bennett Ridge Trail. When we reached Western Piedmont, we took a right and continued on it till crossing two streams. We got our feet wet a bit but no one fell in.

the scouts hiking on the Western  Piedmont trail

We continued till we reached Beaver Valley Trail. The Scouts had a choice on which trail to take back and decided to head back to Bennett Ridge Trail and then to Loop E, back down to the Activity Center. We arrived back at the center at approximately 1:30pm.

For the Scouts, the learning objectives were:
  • Identify your location on a map and the next way-point. 
  • Practice the buddy system 
  • Did you have everything you needed in your day pack?
the scouts discuss the next waypoint late in the hike

Chris prepares the dutch oven as Johnny looks on.

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