Thursday, November 22, 2012

NCAC, Little Bennett, Troop 466

After our hike, as as it was getting on a bit, we ate lunch at the Hawk’s Reach Activity Center, where we were joined by a number of bees and a wasp or two.  As it was a nice morning, it was their last chance to store up for the winter.

We then registered, and headed over to the site (B Loop 21-24) to set up camp.  By the time we finished setting up, it was apx. 3:30/4pm.  We were informed by the Scout that dinner would         take apx. two hours to prepare, and so preparations began.     Dinner was Chicken Fiesta with Black Beans and a very e

  chris bakes a mountain man breakfast. way to go!

  the meal heats up
Devin and Johnny putting sticks in the fire

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